Captain Sea Cucumber is the fifth and final chapter of the AwesomeSeaCucumber Saga. It revolved around AssholeShitCucumber's return to YTP Wiki under the alias "Captain Sea Cucumber" and his continuing rampage of utter destruction.


One day, ASC met QueenZeppelin, SMRY1239 and William8288 whom he recruited as part of a deal. AwesomeSponge and SMRY1239 were banned for just being faggots, and The Bride King left the wiki. ASC, QZ, and W8288 became a trolling group that raided several wikis. They also created the original PoopPedia which YTP Wiki was supposed to move to. They did not go through with the project due to them disbanding. ASC disappeared from the wiki after that.

A few months later, AwesomeSeaCucumber returned to The YouTube Poop Wiki as "Captain Sea Cucumber". Once again a destructive troll, he deleted certain pages, restored spam pages, banned random user without legit reasons, renamed YTP Wiki to "NIGGER WIKI", And replaced the front page with a picture of Suiseiseki saying "U MAD?" Needless to say, the users weren't very happy about it. A few days later, someone finally called the Wikia staff and Captain Sea Cucumber was banned.

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