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Collaterale1 is a pathetic manchild. Just like many very well-known assholes, he has an annoying MS paint persona. He also claims to be Italian.


His Full Name Was Johnathan "Kirby" Di Micco. John claims to be around 20 years old, and assuming that he really does look like his persona, this seems to be true. He is the creator of The John Show which stars him and his friends (who probably don't exist) and the love of his life, Cosmo the Seedrian.

His worst enemy appears to be AwesomeSeaCucumber as the two have crossed paths many times, resulting in a fight each time. When John made his hate video after YTP Wiki's destruction, this caused ASC to continue bothering him. ASC has recently used a account called CoIIaterale1 (notice the two capital I's instead of lower case L's) but it is unknown if Collaterale knows this.


Captain Sea CucumberEdit

Collaterale started his adventure on YTP Wiki in mid 2012. unfortunately, that was around the time Captain Sea Cucumber returned. He started to spread his fanboyish obsession for Cosmo the Seedrian from the god-awful Sonic X. When he and his friends started to turn the YTP WIki into a SSB Lawl fagfest, ASC showed them the EVEN BIGGER failure that is Suiseiseki and raped the whole wiki. When Collaterale saw this, he made a hate video on YouTube. He and his friends bitched about it for days, but never fixed the pages (similar to the Shit Norriss attack). It wasn't until a random bypasser finally called the staff to have CSC banned and fix the wiki.

New YTP WikiEdit

As ColonelFail rose to take ASC's place, Collaterale1 did not really care about the way things were run until the Cosmo page was deleted for obvious reasons. His solution was creating the NEW YTP Wiki.