DJ 2 Vs. Tomo Takino was an edit war that involved constant article rewriting from Doodledoug3212 and AwesomeSeaCucumber. It is the first chapter of the AwesomeSeaCucumber Saga.


After AwesomeSeaCucumber successfully invaded YTP Wiki, he started by writing a Tomo Takino page. Doodledoug saw this and knew that she was an enemy of DJ 2. He then proceeded to change the biography section in order to bring honor to the badass koala bear.

This resulted in the ending of the bio being changed constantly. Each edit involved one character killing the other and the page being added to insulting or praising categories. This war lasted for a day or two until it settled down by itself.

Doodledoug3212 decided it was okay and moved on. He still considered AwesomeSeaCucumber a friend and savior of the wiki, until he betrayed him and RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald. The Tomo page remains up to this day, but the DJ 2 page has been deleted.

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DJ 2 Vs. Tomo Takino
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