Everybody Loves Grimace: The Firey Burger Saga is a television series that takes place after the events of the 3rd EBLG film. It has no relation to the normal TV show, however. It is also much darker and violent.

Episodes (so far)Edit

Episode 1: "The Firey Burger Saga Begins!" Summary: Ronald sends Grimace, King Dedede, Wario, and Donkey Kong on a scouting mission to Canada. They are attacked by the remaining Brat Family members, who they fend off.

Episode 2: "Dark of the Hambuga" Summary: The Brat Family find the old Soviet Ronald Wiki and threaten to destroy it unless Grimace and pals surrender.

Episode 3: "The Last Fry Kid" Summary: Grimace goes back to his homeland of Grimace Island to find help in the Firey Burger Saga. There he finds the lost Fry Kids.

Episode 4: "No More Humor?" Summary: The Great Brat King rebuilds himself (with the help of Samus Aranantor and Colonel Sanders soul) to take away RMDH's humorus lifestyle. Grimace and pals must stop him.

Episode 5: "Cock Fight!" Summary: Drew Pickles faces off with his rival Fatty Bear.

Episode 6: "Blue Toad and Yellow Toad" Summary: Toad introduces the Soviet Ronalds to his retarded friends who nobody cares about, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad.