Everybody Loves Yoshi is an awesome show that is the sister show to Everybody Loves Grimace. It involves Yoshi and his friends as they go on many adventures together on Yoshi's Island. The show lasted 5 seasons and 100 episodes, similar to EBLG. A movie with 2 sequels is coming soon.



  • Yoshi- The main protagonist of the show, a cheerful dinosaur who enjoys having fun.
  • Birdo- Yoshi's wife who is often mistakenly thought to be male.
  • The Soviet Yoshis- Yoshi's group of characters that is the ally group to The Soviet Ronalds.
  • Mario- Yoshi's best friend, the world-famous Italian plumber from Brooklyn.
  • Luigi- Mario's brother and Yoshi's 2nd best friend, he sometimes gets into trouble.
  • Princess Peach- Mario's wife and Yoshi's 3rd best friend, the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Shy Guy- A badass guy with a mask who has a love/hate relationship with Yoshi.
  • Kamek- The main antagonist of the show and Yoshi's arch-nemesis. He always tries to ruin Yoshi and friends' fun, but fails pathetically.
  • Bowser- The second main antagonist of the show and Yoshi's 2nd arch-nemesis.


  • The Soviet Ronalds- A group of insane characters led by Ronald McDonald, the Soviet Yoshis are the ally group to them.
  • Elmo- A retarded furry red monster who gets killed very often.
  • Flapjack- An annoying sailor boy who loves ADVENTURES! He is one of Elmo's best friends.
  • Olimar- A midget spaceman who is the most pathetic thing on the planet.
  • Chowder- An ugly purple raccoon-bear-cat-pig thing who loves cooking disgusting food.
  • Drew Pickles- The gayest man in the universe who occasionally appears to rape Elmo and friends.
  • Ang Lee- A Chinese director who makes movies that Yoshi and friends like to watch.
  • Grant Kirkhope- An awesome musical composer who composes music for the games Yoshi and friends play.


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