Fluttershy is an adorable Pegasus pony. She lives in a little cottage and likes animals a lot. She is also RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald's 2nd favorite pony! Yay! She also has a terrifying alter-ego nammed Flutterbat.


  • Nature (she finds it fascinating)
  • Saying "yay" (its the most epic and adorable thing ever! Watch the video and see what Ronald's talking about)
  • Angel (pet bunny)
  • Grimace (we don't know. She says he's cute)


  • Being shy
  • Meanies
  • Olimar (Then again, we all do. OH WAIT A SEC!)
  • Shy Guy (she's scared of him. Fitting because Shy Guy's scared of her!)

The "Yay" VideoEdit

File:Fluttershy - Yay

Well, you want to see it, don't ya? Prepare for adorableness overload!