Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game is a video game for the Drewtendo Wii-nar. It's a basic fighting game, but features the Soviet Ronalds in it. The game is simalar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. A sequel has been released for the Wii-nar U and 3-Dildus.


Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game plays simalar to SSB: Brawl. You pick which character you want to play as, pick another to fight, select a stage, then FIGHT!


Ronald McDonald. Power level- Balanced

Moves: Hambuga Throw, Skateboard, Clown Stomp, Bench Jump. Final Smash: RAN RAN RUU! (Ronald does Ran Ran Ruu, KOing players)

King Dedede. Power level- Strong

Moves: (same as they were in Brawl) Final Smash: Big Gay Dance

Wario- Power level- Strong

Moves: (same as Brawl) Final Smash: Wario Man (Wario eats a Super Burger and powers up)

Grimace. Power level- Balanced

Moves: Testicle Roll, Cum Barf, Happy Set, Balloon Ballz. Final Smash: Anal Suck (Grimace opens a vortex in his asshole)

Mario Head. Power level- Neutral

Moves: Pizza Pie, Spining Head, Fall and Get Up, Fly for You!. Final Smash: Mariocise (Mario Head does random things, taking damage to opponets)

Shy Guy. Power level- Balanced

Moves: Spear Toss, Stilt Walk, Fly Guy, Tennis Smash. Final Smash: Tribal Dance (Shy Guy sports a grass skirt and does a tribal dance, damaging opponents)

Elmo. Power Level- Weak.

Moves: Tickle, Crayon Assault, Explode, Mr. Noodle Hop. Final Smash: SeIzUrE TiMe! (Elmo starts to have a swell seizure. Similar to Luigi's Final Smash in Brawl).

Drew Pickles. Power level- Balanced.

Moves: Anal Rape, Cock Counterpunch, Semen Blast, Super Duper Dildus. Final Smash: Speed Rape (Drew gets his opponets in a choo-choo sex possition and rapes them real hard, causing damage).

Chochodooby. Power level- Neutral.

Moves: TOY, Lovely Chochodooby, Unswabby, Fall up. Final Smash: Acid Egg (Chochodooby gets all players high).

Barney. Power level- Strong

Moves: Hug, Dino Tail, HEART!, Magic Balloon. Final Smash: Giga Barney (Barney turns into a Kaiju and starts going on a rampage. Similar to Bowser's Final Smash in Brawl).

Unlockable CharactersEdit

DJ 2. Power level- Intense.

Moves: Epic Uppercut, Awesome Bazooka, DJ Trampoline, Soundboard Slam. Final Smash: Wigs (DJ 2 summons over 9000 wigs to fall from the sky and cause massive damage to other players. Similar to Lucas and Ness's Final Smash in Brawl).

Toad. Power level- Balanced.

Moves: Fungus Fling, 'Shroom Speed, Propeller Block, Mega Mushroom. Final Smash: Mushroom Barrage (Toad throws giant pink mushrooms at his opponents. Similar to his special move in Mario Sports Mix).

Nigel Thornberry. Power level- Balanced.

Moves: Poppet Punch, Hyena Ambush, SPLASHING!, SMASHING!. Final Smash: BLAARGHNYAAANBLAAAARGH!! (No explanation needed).

Tito. Power level- Strong.

Moves: Lil Cuz' Punch, Tiki Tackle, Surf Sweep, Ukelele Blast. Final Smash: Hawaiian Waves (Tito unleashes a massive tsunami against the other players).

Flapjack. Power level- Weak.

Moves: ADVENTURE!, ADVENTURE!!, ADVENTURE!!!, ADVENTURE!!!!. Final Smash: ADVENTURE!!!!! (Flapjack summons Cap'n Knuckles and Bubbie the Whale and goes on an ADVENTURE!!!!!!).

Olimar. Power level- Weak.

Moves: (Same as in Brawl). Final Smash: End of Day (Olimar goes to his ship and blasts off again, then commits suicide).

Chowder. Power level- Weak.

Moves: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!, Pepper Spray, Radda Radda Rodeo, Chef's Special. Final Smash: Chowder Surprise (Chowder unleashes a huge bowl of chowder on the opponents).

Donkey Kong. Power level- Strong.

Moves: (Same as in Brawl). Final Smash: Konga Beat (Donkey Kong pulls out his Bongos and starts beating them, stunning the other players).

Yoshi. Power level- Balanced.

Moves: (Same as in Brawl). Final Smash: Super Dragon (Yoshi sprouts wings and flies around, breathing fire at other opponents).

Chris Chan. Power level- Neutral.

Moves: CURSE YE HAM ME HA!, Pickle Punch, Sonichu's Edge, PS3. Final Smash: Chis Chan Sonichu (Chris goes into his furry alter-ego via tard rage. Similar to Sonic's Final Smash in Brawl).

Knifehead. Power level- Intense.

Moves: Stab, Roar, Chomp, Kaiju Blue. Final Smash: Kaiju Call (Knifehead calls in his Kaiju pals to take out foes).

Chi the Kitten. Power level- Balanced.

Moves: Kitty Eyes, Scratch Attack, Yarn Spin, Mouse. Final Smash: Daze Gaze (Chi uses her Kitty Eyes to stun opponents).

Colonel Sanders. Power level- Balanced.

Moves: Killer Cane, Chicken Chop, Bucket Bounce, Herbs and Spices. Final Smash: Colonel's Special (the Colonel prepares 2 chicken legs and brutally beats his opponents with them.)

The Angry Video Game Nerd. Power level- Balanced.

Moves: Zapper, Power Glove Punch, Super Mecha Death Christ, Shit. Final Smash: Cheetahmen Attack (The AVGN summons the Cheetahmen to attack opponents.)

Assist TrophiesEdit

Just like Brawl, Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game has Assist Trophies that help out.

Rainbow Dash: an awesome Pegasus pony. Upon unleashing her, Rainbow Dash starts flying really fast, hitting players. Similar to Kat and Ana in Brawl.

Predaking: the Predacon leader. He goes around in either dragon or robot mode and starts beating up everyone in sight.

Stanley the Troll: the drug addict from Central Park. Gets all opponents high, stunning them.

Rabbit: the drug addict from the Hundred Acre Woods. Gets all opponents high on meth-filled carrots, stunning them. Similar to Stanley.

Grant Kirkhope: the epic game composer. He unleashes waves of music from the N64 games he has composed. Similar to Barbara in Brawl.

Olaf: the annoying snowman. He starts having a seizure, damaging other players.

Pinkie Pie: the fun-loving pony. Shoots a bombardment of cupcakes at players.

Discord: the spirit of chaos and disharmony. Unleashes chaos and warps the stage around or causes opponents to be damaged in some manner.

Bullshit Man: The AVGN's friend from "You Know What's Bullshit?". Shouts "YOU KNOW WHAT'S BUUUUUUUULLSHIIIIIIIT!!!!!!" at the other players.



There are several stages to fight on as well.

  • Ronald McDonald Hell
  • Barney Bunch Stadium
  • Elmo's World
  • CWCville
  • Ponyville
  • The Breach
  • Yoshi's Island
  • Kong Kapers
  • DJ 2 Studios
  • Brat Central
  • KFC Headquarters
  • Grimace Island


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