Suiseiseki is a stupid bitch who loves spamming "desu" desu. She is one of AssholeShitCucumber's favorite characters who has become very popular on the Internet because she spams "desu" desu. She recently joined The SKODWARDE Society desu. She is also ugly desu!

What Is Desu Desu?Edit


Desu (pronounced "dess" "sue") is the Japanese term for stating equality with"it is", "I am", "those are", etc. desu. In Japanese, this would be used at the end of sentences desu. However some people seem to not understand this because it's so fucking annoying desu!

Character Description DesuEdit

Next to Satan himself, Suiseiseki is one of the most evil beings ever to walk the Earth desu. She is doomed to spend eternity eternity in Hell, and aspires to make everything as bad as she can before that happens, making the two very alike desu.

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