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The AwesomeSeaCucumber Army is a Soviet Ronalds knockoff led by none other than AwesomeSeaCucumber himself. These faggots love trolling various wikis, spamming random shit into various pages, and just being plain dicks. Kill these retards!


  • AwesomeSeaCucumber- The leader of the Army himself, also known as "CaptainSeaCucumber". He recently retired from being the leader.
  • Tomo Takino- The 2nd-in-command, an illegal Mexican-Japanese immigrant with a juice fetish.
  • Navi- An annoying fairy who loves spamming "HEY LISTEN!" all the time.
  • Eric Matthews- A retarded man with anger management issues. He is the current leader of the Army.
  • Elmo- A furry red traitor of The Barney Bunch who is rarely seen in the Army.
  • Groose- An overrated, cocky jerk from Skyloft with an unquenchable lust for Suiseiseki's cum.
  • Suiseiseki- One of the most evil beings on the planet who loves spamming "Desu" all the time desu.
  • Gaston- A former member of the Army who later quit because he couldn't stand them any longer.
  • Duster- A naughty treasure hunter who is TheStarman's favorite character.
  • Jigglypuff- A Pokemon who has severe anger issues.
  • Ben 10- A teenager who can transform into various monsters.
  • TheStarman- A Duster fanboy who didn't really do much other than spam Duster all over the Wiki.
  • The Bride King- One of AwesomeSeaCucumber's retarded henchmen with serious anger issues, he is currently retired.
  • Spinda- The gayest Pokemon in existence and AwesomeSeaCucumber's favorite Pokemon.
  • Espurr- Another gay Pokemon that AwesomeSeaCucumber is obsessed with.
  • The Brat Family- See the article The Brat Family for more information.