The Many Deaths of Elmo is an upcoming show on The RMDH Channel. It is a spinoff of Everybody Hates Elmo that involves Elmo and his friends as they get killed in many brutal, gruesome ways.



  • Elmo- The furry red protagonist of the show. He gets killed the most out of all the characters.
  • Flapjack- An annoying sailor kid with a love for ADVENTURE! He is Elmo's best friend.
  • Olimar- The pathetic midget spaceman who hangs out with living dildo things called Pikmin.
  • Chowder- An ugly purple animal who wants to be a world-famous chef.
  • Olaf the Snowman- An annoying snowman who occassionally appears to have sEiZuReS with Elmo and company.
  • Grimace- Barney the Dinosaur's living testicle and the star of the superior Everybody Loves Grimace TV series. He kills Elmo every chance he gets.
  • Yoshi- A cheerful green dinosaur and the star of the superior Everybody Loves Yoshi TV series. He likes to kill Elmo whenever he can.
  • Drew Pickles- The gayest man in the world who sometimes appears to rape Elmo and the gang.
  • The Soviet Ronalds- Ronald McDonald's INSANE group of characters who loathe Elmo with every fiber of their being.
  • The Soviet Yoshis- The ally group to the Soviet Ronalds.


  • Fatty Bear- Drew's rival and the leader of The Humoungous Bunch.
  • DJ 2- A badass koala who appears to beat Elmo to a bloody pulp.
  • Knifehead- A kaiju who despises Elmo and friends and kills them every chance he gets.
  • Rainbow Dash- An awesome pony who kills Elmo with her sonic speed and rainbow colors.
  • Applejack - A Texan pony who likes to hang out with Rainbow Dash and avoid being caught by Chris Chan.
  • Chris Chan - The revolting manchild who wants to get lucky with Dash and AJ, but always fails.
  • Pedo Bear- The greatest pedophile ever known. He comes by to rape Elmo, Flapjack, and Chowder (but not Olimar).