The Soviet Ronalds Wiki was a wiki dedicated to the Soviet Ronalds. It's also a chapter in the Doodledoug and RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald Saga.


Following the dark days of the Youtube Poop Wiki and Doodledoug3212's banning from there, RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald decided to leave and start his own wiki about the INSANE group he created. And thus, the original Soviet Ronalds Wiki was created! Ronald had trouble archiving some of the pages on the YTP wiki, so he had to remember from scratch for the Ronald McDonald and Everybody Loves Grimace pages. Computer problems prevented him from editing more of the wiki, so it remained dormant for a few months.

When he got his computer working again, Ronald went back to editing. But trouble was brewing on the long peaceful Soviet Ronalds Wiki, as in early 2012, AwesomeSeaCucumber came and started to steer trouble. Thankfully, the trouble calmed down, and he joined Ronald with editing the wiki. But that was just the start.

Destruction and ResurrectionEdit

About a month later, AwesomeSeaCucumber brought Craphole Inc. and completely eradicated the Soviet Ronalds Wiki. Ronald was shocked about what happened, and was forced to abandon the wiki. So he started over and made an alternate wiki and was able to archive some (if not all) the pages on the old Soviet Ronalds Wiki (now under ASC's reign) It was also at the new Soviet Ronalds wiki that Ronald reunited with Doodledoug.