Yoshi's Island is a massive island that serves as the headquarters of The Soviet Yoshis and the home of Yoshi himself. The island has appeared in many Mario games, but features a variety of different facilities.

Places on Yoshi's IslandEdit

  • Yoshi's Island International Airport: The island's main airport and the main way of reaching the island. The island has connections with the Mushroom Kingdom, Isle Delfino, Donkey Kong Island, Ronald McDonald Hell, Equestria, and Drewland.
  • Yoshi's House: This is where Yoshi lives. It features a fireplace, a TV with a Nintendo Wii set up, bathroom, kitchen, Birdo's bedroom, and Yoshi's bedroom.
  • Soviet Yoshis HQ: The headquarters of the Soviet Yoshis is a building shaped like Yoshi's head. It includes a map of the entire island and many other points of interest.
  • The Bagel Shop: A shop that sells bagels and only bagels! It is Luigi's personal hangout due to his love of bagels.
  • Yoshi's Night Club: An awesome nightclub that holds swell parties. It serves McDonalds fast food and drinks and has music provided by DJ 2 and Grant Kirkhope.
  • The Nursery: This is the daycare located in Soviet Yoshis HQ. It is basically the hangout of Baby Peach and Baby Daisy.
  • Waluigi's Pinball Alley: An arcade established by the master of sneakiness himself, Waluigi. In addition to having Waluigi Pinball, it also has awesome games such as Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and DJ 2 Kart.
  • Yoshi's Observatory: The island's observatory is located at the very top of the island. Rosalina likes to hang out here.
  • Yoshi's Island Prison: A prison that holds some of Yoshi's most notorious foes, including Kamek and Bowser. Prisoners are usually punished through such means as having to play Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots or being forced to watch My Little Pony.
  • Kitty Korner: A day care for pets located in the Soviet Yoshis HQ. It serves as a hangout for Chi the Kitten.
  • Swimming Pool: A giant swimming pool shaped like Yoshi himself. The Soviet Yoshis go here in the summer to have fun. In the winter, it becomes an ice skating rink.
  • Yoshi Theater: The island's movie theater that plays awesome movies like Life of Pi and Everybody Loves Yoshi: The Movie.
  • Yoshi's Island Museum: An impressive museum that displays exhibits based on the island's history.
  • Yoshi's Island Public Library: This library has OVER 9000 different books, games, and movies to rent and is adorned with a giant golden statue of Yoshi.